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JetWind Gen2 Pod Modular Design
Harrier Jet on Aircraft Carrier
Airport w/ Gen2 and Gen5 Pods
Helicopter at Military Base
High-speed Train in Green Zone
JetWind Gen2 Pod Visualization

JetWind – New Product 3D Animation & Visualization

Illusion Fields teamed up with the inventor of JetWind to help visualize his new product at the Airports Going Green Conference. Our animations were edited into a video that ran throughout his presentation to an influential group of renewable energy experts, planners & developers.

Dr Tarek O. Souryal, M.D. is a renowned Orthopedic Surgeon who specializes in sports medicine and has cared for an impressive list of sports legends, including our beloved Dallas Mavs. On a short runway at Burbank Airport in CA, he was struck by amount of dust and debris kicked up by the jet’s engines. He saw an opportunity to capture energy from manmade wind by providing a simple, sustainable solution…

…turbines in a box!

Since JetWind captures manmade wind, there’s no waiting for a gust, like other wind capturing devices. The LAX airport sees over 1,500 departures a day and those planes kick up a boat-load of wind! This makes the JetWind Pods very attractive because they will pay for themselves in under a year.

We’re extremely proud to have produced this series for such a brilliant, green idea.


Client: JetWind
Account Executive: Dave Patzwald
Creative Director: Ryan Fyffe
3D Animation: Ryan Fyffe
Particles and Compositing: Ryan Fyffe

3D Animation: Cinema 4D
Compositing: After Effects

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